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Touchstone Behavioral Health partners with youth and their families to provide evidence-based
services and support to help them acquire the skills to live productive and responsible lives.
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June is the Month for Fathers

This month, we would like to feature dads. Fathers provide unwavering support to their children with autism, but are often overlooked. With Father’s Day around the corner, we want to shine a light on the impact father’s have in their children’s lives.

Dr. Sigan Hartley and Dr. Marsha Seltzer of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, recently conducted a study about fathers of children with autism. The study started in 1998 and originally involved 406 families of adolescents and young adults with an ASD. Although the study was focused on mothers, fathers were invited to participate in the study during the second wave of data collection.

The study showed that of the 91 families in which parents were married and lived with their adolescent or adult child with an ASD, fathers reported a similar level of parenting burden as mothers. However, fathers’ parenting experiences tended to be more sensitive to the child’s characteristics. The study sheds light on many instances in which fathers may be more impacted by, or connected to, their child than the mother.

Touchstone believes in supporting and providing services to the entire family. Our services are designed to be inclusive of each individual that plays a role in the child’s life – fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. Together, the family learns together, grows together and achieves treatment successes together.

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